SAFFRON CARE (Sattvik Organics)

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"1. Replenishes & Rehydrates skin 2. Unique zero oil formulation 3. Visibly enhances complexion 4. Keeps skin soft & supple 5. Protects skin from sun burn, blemishes & pigmentation " This oil free ayurvedic cream has anti-oxidising properties to protect, moisturize, nourish & stimulate skin cells. It contains natural plant extracts and a combination of non greasy low fat moisturizers to maintain the elasticity and firmness of skin. Also, its natural SPF protects skin from harmful effects of sun, improves skin complexion & freshens epidermal tissues for a natural glow. 59 Gently massage in soft circular motion. The cream gets absorbed easily. Leave it on throughout the day for that luxurious softness. For best results, also use "Sattvik Night Care".

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