Sreyansh Healthcare Flavovic (100 caps)

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Preparation for victory with Isoflavones and Minerals

Soya Isoflavones (In sustained release form)

Isoflavones mimic the effects of estrogen in some tissues and blocks the effects of estrogen in others

EASE MENOPAUSE SYMPTOMS: Relief from Hot Flushes, Increase bone density

Soy Isoflavones help in the preservation of the bone substance and fight osteoporosis.

Reduced risk of breast and endometrial cancer

Ease symptom in PMS (pre menstral syndrome)

Reduce heart risk and improve cholesterol profile.

Natural Antioxidant.

Supplemented with

Vitamin D3

Calcium and other minerals.

One capsule twice daily.

Soya Isoflavones 40%100 mg(Sustained release form)Calcium Carbonate		150 mgVitamin D3			250 IUZinc Sulphate			61.8 mgMagnesium oxide		10 mgCopper Sulphate		 2mg

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